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We have a range of products available for purchase to keep your new blinds in great shape for years to come.


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VuPlex® was designed for use within the demanding Aviation industry and delivers a fast, safe, and effective solution to plastic maintenance.

The ingredients in VuPlex® have been specifically selected and tested to deliver fast quality results with the minimum of effort and fuss.

Although plastic has many advantages, the main set back of the material is its vulnerabilities when it comes to cleaning and maintaining.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to clear plastics where fine surface scratching and dirt accumulation cause a breakdown in clarity.

Normal cleaning products can damage plastic, reducing its lifespan considerably and adding to replacement cost if the cleaners used, contain the wrong chemicals.

Until recently there has not been an effective product to satisfy the requirements of maintaining the delicate surfaces of plastics.

Some cleaners use abrasives to remove dirt and scratches. This not only introduces more scratches to the surface but over time weakens the plastic through constant plastic removal. VuPlex® works in reverse to this process by penetrating the dirt and grime in the surface and adding a fine layer of filling material that leaves the surface protected and adds a lustrous finish to clear and coloured plastics and makes plastic paints gleam like new.

Call us now to order your 200gm can Vuplex cleaner for $28 incl GST
and 375gm can Vuplex cleaner for $39 incl GST
09 570 6353 / 0800 100 266 / orders@coolawnings.co.nz


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Plexus was developed for use in the aviation industry - specifically, for cleaning and protecting aircraft windshields and painted surfaces. Plexus seals the pores in plastic surfaces with a micro-thin layer of shiny, protective wax, making it resistant to debris, oil, scratches, and eventual yellowing. Use it on vinyl windows, hatch covers, mirrors, laminated surfaces, eyeglasses, sunglasses, computer screens... just about any place you would normally use plastic cleaner.
Call us now to order your 368gm can Plexus cleaner for $59 incl GST
09 570 6353 / 0800 100 266 / orders@coolawnings.co.nz


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