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Channel side outdoor blinds and screens come with powder coated framing, and can be crank operated or motorised.


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The Channelled outdoor blind system gives a great looking finish and can be crank operated or motorised. 

The Channelled system has an aluminum channel on each side, down which the fabric travels, but is NOT trapped. The curtain is attached to a aluminum roller tube, with cast aluminum wall brackets and a gearbox and crank handle or Somfy motor. The side channels are either 90mm wide, and has an optional headerbox or angle flashing to block the gap behind the roller.

The channels, bottom bar and headerbox can be powder coated to match your home and we have a great range of fabrics available. 

The Channelled outdoor blinds have an extruded aluminium bottom bar to keep the fabric flat, which can be locked in place at various points down the channel. No ground fixings are required. 
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Fabric options

Clearglass PVC

With a coloured border for reinforcing, our Clearglass PVC is 0.75mm thick and fire retardant, so suitable for use in public areas including daycares and restaurants.

This is very popular, because it provides best visibility. Unfortunately there are limitations which must be understood.

  1. The fabric is not reinforced, and if it starts to tear, the tear will continue. To overcome this, we often weld a reinforced PVC border to it, but this is labour intensive, and adds to cost.

  2. The fabric has a high shrinkaqe rate. For this reason, we avoid using Zips and eyelets on the sides, as they may no longer fit after a period of time. The shrinkage can also result in side wrinkles. No warranty is offered on shrinkage.

  3. It does not retain 100% clarity for very long, scratches easily, and becomes milky looking when waterlogged.

  4. Tends to stretch out of shape, and often rolls crooked, and tends to stick to itself when rolled.


PVC Mesh Fabric

 These are a compromise, as they do not provide 100% weather protection, or 100% visibility. We have found that mesh DOES provide better protection and visibility than generally envisaged. We only used reinforced PVC mesh, which is excellent for durability, and does not shrink.
There is a perceived lack of visibility with PVC mesh, but check out our photos and the fabrics in our showroom.  The benefits outweigh the small loss of visibility. 
There are a variety of  colours, brands, and mesh sizes.  PVC mesh come with a 10 year warranty.
Channelled outdoor blinds can be up to 5m wide with a 3m drop. 

Cool Awnings drop curtains are manufactured using a high frequency welding process, and have a 5 year warranty on most fabrics, labour and hardware.
Drop curtains are NOT suitable for high wind situations.

Check out the range of curtains in our showroom at 6 Morrin Rd, Panmure.


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