Retractable Roof

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Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space
The most cost-effective way of increasing your usable floor space is with the installation of a retractable louvre, style roof designed to protect a space from the rain and sun.
Retractable Roofs are ideal for
  • Residential Homes
  • Holiday homes
  • Outdoor restaurant and bar spaces
  • Businesses and Offices with outdoor space
  • Areas requiring all-weather protection
Why order a Helioscreen Suntech Retractable Roof system from Cool Awnings
  • Cool Awnings are preferred supplier to Helioscreen Australia for their range of outdoor solutions
  • Manufactured in New Zealand from European components to suit your home
  • Many options to fit the product to your home or building, including the flat roof system, as seen here - Trapezium demo video
  • Hurricane rated for outdoor use with no worries
  • Fabric options include translucent and standard colour PVCs, to let in the winter light
  • Attractive dimmable LED light system allow you to continue enjoying the party late into the night
  • Add Outdoor Blinds to give you an outdoor room that you can use all year round.
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Why Install a Retractable Roof?


Gain All Weather Outside Space

Retractable roof weather protection systems are perfect for the user that is seeking more than just protection from the sun.

There are many options available to match the design aesthetics of your commercial building, private homes or restaurant courtyard, allowing you to add valuable floorspace without the cost of adding to the bricks and mortar of the building itself.

Cost Effective Way of Extending Footprint

When architects, designers and business owners describe properties there is often a reference to floor space. Once the property is being utilised, however, the priority changes to "usable" floor space. A retractable roof can easily and stylishly increase your space year round.
Download the Helioscreen retractable roof brochure here.
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Engineered For All Weather

Thanks to the unique high torque motor drive system the retractable roofs can be used in all sorts of harsh New Zealand conditions. Using optional weather sensors such as wind or rain sensors provides the added benefit of automatic control even when the user is away.
With the addition of Outdoor Blinds you can make a new room that you can use all year around.

Customised Retractable Roofs

Integrated rubber water seals
Over 120 standard frame colours
Optional integrated LED lighting
Optional Rain sensors
Optional Wind sensors
Rated up to 11 on Beaufort wind scale
Maximum projection 8-10m
Maximum width up to 9m in single system
Custom design and installation service
5-year warranty

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