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Fabric options for different awning styles

Fabric for Tension Canopy/Flat Panel/Fixed Frame Awnings
Fabric for Outdoor blinds
Fabric for Retractable roof systems
Fabric for Retractable awnings
Fabric for Shade Sails  

Fabric for Tension Canopy/Flat Panel/Fixed Frame Awnings:

20190220 163240-810 FP 1-241 Wedge 3-246
Sundream Architectural sails, shade structures, covered walkways, awnings and canopies Polyester PVC / PVDF Lacquer Top Surface & Acrylic Lacquer Under Surface 0.70 2.04 x 50 10 yr H-Clear - 64%
H-Charcoal- 34%
C-Cool - 54%
NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use acrylic canvas on fixed frame awnings because it is not dimensionally stable and it will expand and contract with the weather, resulting in the acrylic canvas fabric looking floppy. It also grows mould a lot quicker and is harder to clean than the PVCs.

Please also note that, in choosing colours, the lighter the fabric the more light comes through but also the more dirt it shows so more frequent cleaning is required. Darker fabrics let through less light but hide the dirt better.
mould on acrylic frame-878

Fabric for Outdoor Blinds

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While we can manufacture your new outdoor blinds from nearly any fabric, we recommend either Clearglass PVC or PVC Mesh, or the new waterproof mesh PVC.
Clearglass PVC vs. Mesh fabric:

PVC mesh is an excellent option for outdoor blinds. 
PVC mesh:
  • has reinforcing throughout the fabric to provide strength and it is very hard to tear
  • provides privacy
  • breaks up the wind
  • blocks the UV
  • is available in various openness factors from 3% to 10% open-ness (90% to 97% block)
  • PVC mesh will reduce rain entry down to a fine mist coming in around only 300mm
  • PVC mesh has a 10 year warranty and as the fabric comes between 2400 and 3200mm wide we can usually avoid joins in your out-door blind
Clearglass is an excellent option for sheltered areas with low traffic. 
Clearglass PVC has its limitations: 
  • Clearglass PVC has no reinforcing so has no strength and is easy to tear. To give it strength we weld on a coloured PVC border. 
  • Clearglass PVC shrinks and ex-pands as the temperature changes, this will cause rippling when it joins with other fabrics and must be al-lowed for in trapped side channel systems. 
  • scratches easily 
  • doesn't always roll up straight 
  • sticks to itself when rolled up for any length of time 
  • goes cloudy when rolls away wet. 
Colour ranges of PVC Mesh 
New option - waterproof mesh
We have recently introduced the quality range of Ferrari Soltis W96 waterproof PVC mesh, which gives both waterproof and privacy. The Soltis W96 range protects against UV and bad weather, while preserving the level of natural light transmitted. Depending on colour light transmission is between 3 and 17% (lighter  colours have more light transmission.)  
Ferrari Soltis W96 comes with a 10 year warranty.

For more information on Ferrari Soltis W96 fabric click here


Fabric for Retractable Roof System:

Shanks7-488-937 20171214 121611-781 Helioscreen 10m Trend HS20 (2)-109-60-285

The retractable roof system is designed as an all weather solution, and generally manufactured with waterproof PVC.  However, we are happy to manufacture in a PVC mesh fabric to let in light rain and dappled light.
We recommend the following waterproof PVC fabrics for our retractable roof system:

Fabric for Retractable Folding arm awnings:

12thodey7-600 Hi-Line 1 re-87 Hi-Line Awning  (1)-698

PLEASE NOTE when choosing colours, the lighter the fabric the more light comes through, and wrinkles are more obvious and also the more dirt it shows so more frequent cleaning is required.  Darker fabrics let through less light but hide the dirt and wrinkles better.

There are four main fabric types available for folding arm awnings:
  • PVC Mesh fabric
  • Acrylic Mesh Fabric
  • Acrylic canvas fabric
  • Acrylic coated polyester fabric.
1/ PVC Mesh fabric – benefits – lets 5-10% of sun through, can be left flat in mild rain as it has holes for the water to pass through, will not fill up with water in heavy rain. Lasts longest of all the fabric options.  Easiest to clean.
Drawbacks – it has holes in it! Not waterproof. Narrow range of colours available. Contains PVC

2/ Acrylic mesh (Twilight).  
Twilight -  The Twilight Pearl range by Sattler offers a wide range of coloured finishes, so you can find the perfect match for your facade. The Twilight Metal range by Sattler offers a range of four metallic finishes – silver, gold, nickel and platinum

The Twilight range are all 100% PVC-free and odourless, able to be used both indoors and outdoors, and completely flame-retardant. The wide range of shades available will complement your decor while offering energy efficiency, privacy and glare reduction.

Use: Privacy and glare protection, sun protection
  • 100% PVC-free
  • High weather-fastness
  • Ideal summer heat protection
  • Optimum glare protection and visibility at the same time
  • Textile character
  • Odourless
  • Flame-retardant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 
1410840366 download managerClick here to download PDF for Twilight Metal NZ Swatches
1410840366 download managerClick here to download PDF for Twilight Metal NZ Swatches

3/ Acrylic Canvas fabrics 
There are several quality acrylic canvas ranges available in NZ and Australia.

Designed to withstand the toughest Kiwi weather, this 100% acrylic woven fibre fabric is both rot and fade resistant. Now you can enjoy outdoor living whatever the weather. Planosol repels water, and features a sun smart protection rating of U.V. – U.P.F. 50+ / S.P.F. 100. This performance makes Planosol the perfect solution for New Zealand awnings, covers and shadesails, and has a successful 30 year track record to prove it!

Get the right colour
Whether you want to blend in or stand out, our superior Planosol colour range makes matching the right canvas to your requirements easy.

Make the right decision
Our 7 year guarantee gives you the confidence to insist on Planosol for your home or commercial shade project. PLEASE NOTE  : for Rubix/Cocoon Cassettes (from Australia): 4/ Acrylic coated polyester -  Weathermax80: 
Weathermax colour range (please note, not all colours available in NZ)

Weathermax brochure including colours and specs

The Weathermax is a very durable fabric, and colour stable in our high UV environment. The fabric is dimensionally stable and waterproof, so is suitable for awnings, small frames and small shade sails.

NOTE: It is NOT advisable to install PVC fabric onto a retractable folding arm awning as it is heavy and folding arm awning hardware is not designed to carry this extra weight, especially if the awning is used in rainy conditions (against manufacturers’ recommendations) and water pools on the fabric. It can lead to damage/breakage of the retractable awning hardware which would not be covered under our warranty.  PVC fabric would also get smelly and mouldy faster if the awning is rolled away wet and kept wet for a while.

Fabric for Shade Sails:

 Please find below the link to our preferred range of shade sail mesh - Extrablock.  We have been using this fabric for about 20 years now and are very happy with its longevity and how it pulls relatively even in both directions, which is unusual for a shade sail mesh. 

Download Extrablock 330 Brochure PDF

Shade sail - Waitoki School-820-601



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