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Our shade sails are produced by an experienced engineer and sailmaker and we design and install the best shade option to maximise protection for your pupils.


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School Shade Sails


Our shade sail specialist, Walter, is an engineer and has been designing and installing shade sails for 18 years.  We design, manufacture and install shade sails within our team, so control the whole process.

We are preferred suppliers at many schools around Auckland, including:
Glendowie primary
Red Hill School
St Leo's Catholic School
Edendale Primary
Mellons Bay School
St Annes Catholic School 
Waitoki School
and many more.


Why order a shade sail for your school or ECC:

  • Increase the areas that the students can learn and play by providing fixed or retractable shade
  • UV protection from the harsh NZ sun
  • Reduce heat into the classrooms during the heat of summer making it more comfortable for teachers and students.

We have manufactured and installed a large number of shade sails for schools, early childhood centres and kindergartens.

Shade sail fabric options include shade sail mesh, woven PVC mesh or waterproof PVC.  The woven PVC mesh is becoming very popular, as it is more stable than the traditional shade mesh fabric, so it won't go out of shape and with an excellent range of neutral colours it looks great too.  All shade mesh and waterproof fabrics give at least 92% protection (usually 95-97%) from harmful UV rays.  
We prefer to use only Extrablock shade sail mesh fabric.

All our products come with a minimum 5 year guarantee on fabric and hardware.  The sails are sewn with PTFE thread, which will give many years of great service. 

Our shade sails can be as large or as small as you require.

We can install the hardware, including poles and brackets or work with existing structures to provide the most appropriate mounting for your shade sail.

We only use stainless steel components for our products. 

Our school sail service includes a winter take down, storage and re-installation service. 

Why order your shade sail or awning from Cool Awnings:

1. **Durable and Long-Lasting:** Cool Awnings is known for producing high-quality shade sails that are built to withstand various weather conditions. Investing in durable shade sails means your school can enjoy long-lasting sun protection without frequent maintenance or replacement.

2. **Custom Made:** Cool Awnings offers a design and manufacture service meaning your shade sail is tailored to fit your specific needs and available outdoor space. This flexibility ensures that you can create shade solutions that perfectly suit your requirements.

3. **Made in house:** Cool Awnings control the whole process in house from the design, to the manufacture and installation of your shade sail and with our 16 years experience, you can be assured of a great result.

4. **100% satisfaction guarantee:** Cool Awnings give a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied we will sort it out or remove the awning or sail and give you your money back!

Overall, purchasing shade sails from Cool Awnings is a smart investment for schools seeking to create a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable outdoor environment for your students and staff. It aligns with the school's responsibility to provide a conducive and health-conscious learning space and can have numerous positive impacts on the school community.


Quadruple the life of your shade sail with our winter take down and storage service.

Extend the longevity of your shade sail by fourfold with our winter takedown and storage service. 

When the colder months approach, our dedicated team will remove your shade sail, they will check all the fixing, seams and fabric are still in good order, and if any cleaning is required. Our process is not merely about removal, but an annual assessment to ensure your sail stays in great condition.

Once removed, your shade sail can be stored at your property or in our secure factory, protected from wind and unnecessary wear and tear that reduce the longevity of your investment

When spring arrives we will contact you to arrange for our team to re-install your shade sail.  The annual reinstall guarantees that your shade sail not only retains its original good look but also has a regular health check throughout its extended lifespan.

With our winter takedown and storage service, you're protecting your investment for years to come.


Have a shade sail, but it needs a clean?

We recommend cleaning your sail every 3-4 years for darker colours 1-3 years for lighter colours to avoid mould and lichen buildup, which will degrade your sail.

Contact us for a FREE shade sail cleaning quote.

Call or enquire NOW for your FREE onsite consultation - 09 570 6353 or 0800 100 266.
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