9 questions to ask

9 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing your Awning

1. In what location do I want it for?
Do you have French doors under where you want to put your awning? Are you worried the doors will hit the arms? The Hi Line awning gives extra clearance for French doors and tall people. The Hi Line awning also has an extra bar which gives it added stability in the wind.

2. How much headroom do I need?
Is the place where you want to mount your awning going to give you enough headroom to move underneath? We can manufacture special brackets to ensure your awning is mounted in the perfect spot.

3. Is there only one kind of awning in one style or colour?
No, you can have an awning in almost any colour and in several styles that retract, attach under existing structures, or remain fixed. Our showroom has examples of each style and colour.

4. Will this awning be fit for the main purpose?
Do you want sun protection during the middle of the day or will you want an awning that moves to block the sun as it moves toward the horizon? The Lo Line awning can easily be adjusted to lower angles as the sun moves.

5. What fabric choices do I have?
Does my awning have to be brown striped acrylic? No, the range of plains, stripes, tweeds, mesh and fabric types available for awnings makes choosing the perfect fabric for you easy – and matching it to your outdoor setting even easier.

6. Am I prepared to sacrifice quality for price?
Are you happy for your awning to last only one season? Many companies are selling awnings of different qualities. We give a 5 year warranty on our hardware and fabric. Most of our awnings will outlast the decade.

7. Can I trust the installers experience?
An awning needs to be installed by trained professionals so you don’t have to worry about leaking buildings or damage to your house in the wind or the awning blowing away in a strong wind. Our team has in excess of 40 years experience in awning manufacture and installation.

8. Do I need a council permit?
Our retractable awnings are made with a fabric cover and attached to your home so they are not considered a permanent fixture and do not require permits on residential properties, unless they are mounted on a building higher than level one.  Our fixed frame awnings do not need permits unless they are greater than 20m2 after December 2010 (15m2 prior to this date).

9. What sort of on-going maintenance is there?
Are you worried your awning will look dirty and mouldy after a year? We recommend fabrics that are mould resistant with a 5 year warranty. We use stainless steel and aluminium fixtures and fittings to avoid rusting and discoloration.  We recommend regular cleaning, at least once a year to ensure any mould and mildew is treated promptly. We can clean your awning for you, call now for a cleaning quote on 0800 100 266.  Prices start from $200 for under 4m wide awnings.
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